There Is Nothing Like Finding Your Mission.

Why you’re here. How you can serve the world now.

It is time for you to tap into the greatness that you know resides within you!

Open your mind and heart wide so you can listen to all the whispers that have been presenting themselves to align you to reading this right now. You are ready!

✮ Tap into your higher self

✮ Listen to Your Intuition

✮ Overcome Your Fear

✮ Align to your purpose in your career and business

  Move From Confusion To Confidence.

Here you will find your ability to talk to your higher self, to hear and take action on the whispers and align with your zone of genius.


Hi! I'm Carolyn. My Mission is crystal clear. Thank you, Universe! I’m the bus driver that’s going to take you from the confused and scared side of the street, to the other side of the street where dreams are visualized and manifested into reality with clarity and action.

I left my big, six figure job six years ago and it was scary. I had an amazing career in commercial real estate, working on big projects, but it started to feel very soulless to me. I could not do this for the next twenty years. I embarked on the journey to find my Mission, pretty much alone.

That is why I want to be here to assist you. You are not alone! I'm super excited to offer this program to you! Will not be available again until later in 2022 and this run will be the ONLY time I will be live on our coaching calls. I am running it now because now, more than ever, everyone is ready to find their Mission and Start making money living in their soul aligned business and career.

Let's do this!


I almost didn’t do it.

I almost thought I wasn't good enough to make this course because I was too afraid to put myself out there.  

How could I teach people how to overcome their fears and step out of being comfortable if I was sacred myself?

Well, I got over my damn self.


Because I didn't want you to have to go it alone.  

And I wanted to remind myself of my purpose and my mission and to remind myself of how I can put fear in its place and create something to serve the world.   

There is something on the other side of fear and it's glorious.

★ Progress


This program is for anyone who thinks that they are meant for more 

☆You have a desire to contribute more and want to be of service to more people

☆You have a special gift of “knowing things”  and want to develop this skill in business

☆The whisper to evolve and change keeps getting louder

☆You’re too tired and confused to figure out what the next step is

☆You know you need some clarity but you’re not sure how to find it

☆You want a community of people that are going through the same thing

☆You feel afraid to take the next step but also afraid if you just stay the same

✔Get clarity on your next steps

✔A tool box filled with tools to cope with your fear on a daily basis 

✔A Life Purpose Statement that feels true to who you are

✔New career and business ideas to pursue that are in alignment with your soul

✔Practical business tips and techniques about how to move forward with setting up your new business

✔Clarity on how to know if you’re really ready to leave your job or if you just need to make some tweaks  

✔Tips on negotiating which will help you with EVERYTHING

✔Figuring out your WHY, even if you’re clueless now

✔How to stay on the path, even when you’re scared 

✔Key techniques to spotting the signs and signs which help you make great decisions

✔Learning to work with the flow of the Universe in business and life

✔A community of people to experience this journey with

✔A bunch of resources that you may not have ever heard about 

✔Accountability on your goals and dreams each week 

✔Q&A time with the community 

✔Private coaching sessions with ME!

✔A workbook to help you keep on track of this journey and access resources

✔Lifetime access to the course and recordings to go back to anytime



This is going to change your life in ways that you can not even imagine!

This is for you.

You’re a person with ideas, dreams, thoughts, you want to be or are an entrepreneur, an educator, an intuitive, empath, lightworker, healer, and you want to put all of these skills to use to help change the world, make money and be of service. 

You are ready to make changes that will help yourself and humanity. 

You’re ready to take the next step to define your future.

You crave a change.

You are not afraid to invest in your future and yourself.

You are so DOWN and ready to put all of the energy you had in other places and put that energy into YOUR mind, body, and soul.

Feel the tingles?


* 6 Video Modules

* Workbook

* 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

* Community Group


* One, Intuitive Business Reading

* One, Private 1 on 1 Coaching Session with Carolyn

I have learned that most people seeking a stellar life need a partner on the journey to help them set a course and a vision for the life they are seeking.

What sets me apart from other coaches are three things:

I won’t sugar coat things for you. If you’re here to work with me, we are going to get dirty. I will hold you accountable to take 100% responsibility for your life. It all starts here.

My individual coaching process is highly individualized and varies from session to session and person to person.

I have a deeply tuned sense of intuition which guides me on the best tools, resources and pathways to help me help you (remember Jerry Maguire?).

Your next inspired action step is to schedule a complimentary 20 minute clarity consultation with me to see if we are a match. I guarantee you will walk away from our consultation with an ah-ha, great idea or clarity.


"It has truly been a powerful and invaluable experience. Carolyn has the rare combination of strategic business acumen, empathy and strong personal intuition which she utilizes adeptly to help guide you toward the necessary growth and action required to accomplish your goals"

Interior Designer

"It’s very rare that I blindly follow anyone. Carolyn is the exception… I trust her intuition, highly attuned business sense and strategic mind. She has an incredible gift… she has the ability to take you from the person you know deep down you are capable of being and effortlessly creates action steps to help you achieve it."

Brand Strategist

"Carolyn is an exceptional coach. She’s extremely intuitive as well as practical. Results are tangible and she helped me find direction and pursue it. She takes a holistic approach. You want a better job? Great! But how about a better sense of self, fulfillment, balance AND a better job? She’s a gifted guide and without question, I highly recommend her to anyone who truly wants to make a significant change in his or her life and just needs help with the process."

Marketing Professional

"I am so pleased with the results of working with Carolyn Hori and thrilled with what has been achieved in just 8 short weeks! Our team is truly functioning at a higher level as a result of working with Carolyn. Her approach is very holistic – balancing elements of self care along with specific goal setting which creates defined, aggressive, yet achievable goals with a specific deadline. I think it’s the most effective coaching we’ve ever had! Our team has really come together through this process, and not only has their individual productivity increased, but the way that they work together is so much more in sync! I’d highly recommend Carolyn to everyone looking to improve their life and increase their income!"


"Carolyn has a background in commercial real estate but she made the jump a few years ago to business coach. She specializes in helping professionals who are considering a transition and helps them figure out how to do what they really want to do (without throwing out all the years of expertise they’ve already accumulated). I met her through a friend and found her to be insightful and professional. She gave me a lot of great advice, encouragement, and new things to consider."

Business Process Consultant

The little whisper keeps getting louder...

You have a knowing that you’re here for more. You know you’re meant for something different, maybe to make a difference in the world? Maybe you’re here to serve in a unique way, but maybe you currently feel unsure and confused? BUT, you know you can feel the greatness inside. But, what should you do next?

Well, you’ve landed at the right place!

Give Your Soulless Job the Pink Slip is the first step to discovering your zone of genius. These six modules are the starting point to help you gain clarity, identify fear, and take the next, best action steps to start your journey to do what you are meant to do!


Module Preview


Awaken to your true calling...

Connect to your soul aligned dream business. I would love to talk to you let's connect. Schedule your free 20 minute Clarity Consultation now.


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